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Here at Kain Building and Design we do everything from the ground up, to remodels, older buildings, while still occupied as well as residential. We also do maintenance and facility services for commercial buildings and residential. 

We will guide you in the planning and building process of your project with the expert skills and knowledge of our team. Helping you bring your vision to life. 


Every project starts with a plan. This is a strategic and deliberate process where we actively listen to your ideas and translate that into the design aspect. We set a timeline and schedule for all stages of a project. Our talented design team would love to sit down with you and help your vision come to life. 


No matter what stage your project is in or what improvements your building may need, KBDG has both in-house designers and the established relationships with professional firms in all design disciplines to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final outcome. Even with the smallest of projects like cabinet upgrades, we can provide the visual representations of the work so that there is absolute clarity in what the end product will look like. 


KDBG is a local General Contractor that can meet all your commercial building needs. Along with our talented employees as well as established sub-contractor relationships, we can build your project better, faster and more economical. We understand the complete construction process and employ the resources not only to make the physical work flow smoothly but also all the paperwork that is required along with it in today’s day and age.  

Facility Maintenance 

Building maintenance and repairs don’t have to be a burden any longer.  Let KBDG be your trusted and dependable partner, keeping your facility looking and performing at its optimal level and your tenants and customers happy and satisfied.  Through our in-house personnel and established service vendors, we can meet your building’s every need, every minute of the day. We welcome work from owners, property managers and tenants. Call us now to learn more.     

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